dflIf we imagine an architecture office, you will most likely come to a scenario full of stretchers, pencils and models built with card. But what happens if we add to the equation some hard hats and robotic machines of industrial proportions? The answer can now be found in the DFL – Digital Fabrication Lab of Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto, opened last March 11.

Located in the Praça Coronel Pacheco, near the Creative Industries Center of the Science and Technology Park of University of Porto (UPTEC PINC), the new space plays host the work of the DFL, the research group of the Center of Architecture and Urbanism of FAUP (CEAU / FAUP) dedicated to the study and design of advanced technologies and digital manufacturing in the field of design and construction in architecture. There is expected to be born customized solutions (non-standard) and innovative materials for architecture and construction industries.

According to Carlos Guimarães, Director of FAUP, the new laboratory sets up “a significant step in the extension of which is the traditional understanding of architecture itself and its research, as it will create ‘less common things’ in product design, reconfiguration materials or new construction technologies”.

In addition to hosting R&D projects (independent and in partnership with companies), the laboratory will also support the work the educational activities  promoted by the DFL (workshops, exhibitions, etc.).

Follow the work of the DFL in http://dfl.arq.up.pt/ or Facebook.