The 24th edition of Porto de Emprego, one of the country’s largest and most prestigious job fairs organised by students, was held at the School of Economics and Management of the University of Porto (FEP) on 27 and 28 February.

The event was organised by FEP Junior Consulting (FJC), FEP’s junior company, and this year featured something new. In the Innovation Lab space, the students presented their ideas and had the support of mentors from UPTEC – U.Porto’s Science and Technology Park to create their startup.

According to the FJC, Porto de Emprego was attended by 65 companies representing more than 500 opportunities that were “very relevant to students”. The aim is for the fair to represent a “platform for success and the basis for the future” of the participants.

Deloitte was one of the companies present at the event and considers it a “meeting point” with U.Porto students and an “opportunity to find talent”.

Porto de Emprego stands out not only for its innovative character and youthful spirit, but also for its commitment to connecting students and recent graduates with real career opportunities.

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