In April, two teams of students from School of Economics and Management of the University of Porto (FEP) won the Amsterdam Business Case Competition and the Aarhus University Case Competition, two prestigious international business case competitions.

Each year, the Amsterdam Business Case Competition and the Aarhus University Case Competition challenge bachelor students from higher education institutions around the world to solve complex challenges proposed by companies. To do this, students must apply the theoretical knowledge they have acquired throughout their education and skills such as analytical ability, critical thinking, teamwork and effective communication.

In this edition of the Amsterdam Business Competition, the first case focused on presenting recommendations related to sustainability in the Hilton hotel group, requiring students to have an in-depth understanding of their value chain and also of the most relevant environmental and social issues in the sector. The second case dealt with the innovation and marketing policies of Ab Inbev, a multinational leader in the beverage sector, requiring keen insights and innovative solutions.

Under the rigorous assessment of a panel of judges made up of experienced professionals and leaders in the sector, FEP students Inês de Castro, Inês Moura, Vasco Silva and Leonor Moreira took first place in the competition.

At the Aarhus Case Competition, held in Denmark, nine teams were challenged to solve three challenges proposed by OK, one of Denmark’s leading energy companies – the two introductory cases and a 24-hour long case – which required participants to make decisions under pressure, analyze data and develop creative solutions. This edition also featured presentations and workshops by the Boston Consulting Group and Deloitte.

After receiving valuable and well-founded feedback from the judges, FEP’s team made up of students Constança Esteves de Araújo, Lara Forte, Nuno Cassiano and Mariana Simões was crowned the winner.

“Our students have demonstrated an exceptional level of talent, determination and hard work. These victories reflect their own merit, but also FEP’s commitment to providing an excellent education that prepares them for the challenges of the global business world. As an educational institution, we guarantee the necessary resources to take part in competitions such as these. The dedication of our academic staff, access to modern facilities and ongoing support are key elements that help shape and strengthen the success of all students,” says FEP Dean Óscar Afonso.

“In both competitions, FEP teams designed innovative proposals that were very well supported from an analytical point of view. In addition to the quality of the recommendations, they gave excellent oral presentations, standing out among their peers and winning international recognition. This achievement is testimony to their talent, particularly in their problem-solving skills, and is also a result of the quality of education, excellence and innovation promoted by FEP,” say FEP Faculty Advisors and Professors Renata Blanc and Catarina Roseira.

The teams are part of the FEP International Case Team (FICT), a FEP student organization whose main activity is solving case studies.