FEP will inaugurate its first “FEP Innovation Hub” room next Monday 8 January at 16:30. This is an innovative space, equipped with flexible furniture and state-of-the-art technology designed to support any type of class, be it face-to-face, distance or hybrid.

The opening ceremony will be attended by Manuel Dias, National Technology Officer at Microsoft Portugal, who will give a short talk on Artificial Intelligence; Rita Serra, Account Manager at Microsoft; Vitor Barbosa, CEO of Nautilus; and Hugo Dantas, Head of Sales at Promethean. Thus, in this project, in addition to Microsoft, the FEP has the collaboration of Nautilus and Promethean as partners.

“The FEP Innovation Hub marks a significant moment in our journey to integrate artificial intelligence into economics and management education. This space is not just a classroom, it is an innovation centre where technology and education meet to create a dynamic and interactive learning environment,” says FEP’s Dean Óscar Afonso.

On January 9, the FEP Innovation Hub will host the first training sessions on artificial intelligence, aimed at the School’s Professors, as part of the “Artificial Intelligence For Economics and Management” programme, created in partnership with Microsoft.

“This is an important step for the School, reinforcing its commitment to innovation and preparing its students for the challenges of the future,” adds FEP’s Dean.

Admission is free.