Maria Inês Camelo, student of the Master in Economics and Human Resources Management of FEP, was distinguished with the Active Citizenship Award of the University of Porto in the Humanitarian and/or Solidarity strand, for her participation in different voluntary actions. Among them are the aid projects linked to the Red Cross, where she prepared and delivered food baskets to needy families and the distribution of meals at home to elderly people.

But Maria Inês didn’t stop there. As part of Semear Futuro – a student association that aims to promote better access to education in Tarrafal, in Cape Verde – the future economist had the opportunity to give training on various relevant themes, both to children and young people and adults in that region. Maria’s “curriculum” also includes participation in various humanitarian aid actions in response to the war in Ukraine, through the organisation of points of collection of donations of goods for the inhabitants of the country destroyed by Russian forces.

“That’s not why I do it, but it’s always nice to see our work recognised and valued,” says the young girl from FEP, when asked about the value of the Active Citizenship Award.

The award for the students who stood out the most, in the last year, in extracurricular citizenship activities was delivered last March 22, during the solemn session of the University of Porto Day 2022.