How to make a difference in the lives of several families and children? The U.Porto Sports Center (CDUP-UP) has a proposal for the whole community. From November 29th to December 6th take part in the collection of solidarity goods to help the O Meu Lugar no Mundo Association, taking place at the CDUP-UP sports facilities.

This is the return of UPFit Solidarity Week, which is already in its eighth edition, always with the same motto: “Physical activity for a cause”. The invitation is extended to the entire community and includes exchanging a pack of milk, toilet paper, calculators, and books (among other goods listed at CDUP website) for a UPFit class (fitness class).

This year, the goods collected will be given to the O Meu Lugar no Mundo Association, which, throughout the year, supports 103 families and 133 children with the work of 289 volunteers, with the aim of forming fairer, more conscious and inclusive communities and fighting against poverty and social exclusion.

To help and participate in this Solidarity Week, the process is very simple: check the UPFit schedule, choose the class you want (among the dozens of Group Classes, body and mind, weight training, hydrogymnastics, among others), take one or more solidarity goods and deliver them to the CDUP-UP receptions. In other words, besides helping out, you’ll be contributing to your physical fitness and well-being!

For UPFit Program members, CDUP adds one day to the UPFit Total card validity for each donated good.

To close the week and get the goods to their destination, CDUP-UP has prepared a GAP and Zumba Mega-Aula, to be held at 6:30 pm, at CDUP-Boa Hora. In this session, all the collected goods will be delivered to those responsible for the O Meu Lugar no Mundo Association.