Obtain information about the courses in a quick and intuitive way, tour the University campus in a virtual and interactive format or get to know the institution “in the skin” of the different publics that seek it. As of this Monday, September 5th, all this is at a distance with a visit to the new official website of the University of Porto (www.up.pt).

More accessible, functional and aimed at promoting the University nationally and internationally, the new page of the U.Porto is born with the purpose of strengthening the digital presence of the institution, as well as improving the connection with the public that orbit around it.

“With the new institutional page, we intend to ensure a more immediate and effective response to those who seek the University, whether to obtain information about our training offer, to know and collaborate with our scientific ecosystem, or to discover our cultural spaces. We also seek to ensure that this experience is as pleasant and rich as possible for those who visit us,” explains Ana Camanho, Vice-Rector of the U.Porto responsible for the areas of Digital Transformation and Information Management.

Top view of the new up.pt homepage. (Photo: DR)

Upon entering the new up.pt, and after checking the latest news that mark the daily life of the U.Porto, the visitor is then invited to explore the five areas of information that make up the main structure of the page (Study, Research, Innovate, Live and Explore), corresponding to those that are the main areas of activity of the University.

Another way of navigation is through the gateways, where the different target-publics of the U.Porto (pre-university, students, international students, alumni and professionals) can quickly access a set of information related to their specific interests.

An optimized version for mobile devices and a full version in English, the investment in a more attractive visual component, the connection to the news portal of the U.Porto or the investment in multimedia contents (not yet fully implemented, but that will involve the regular inclusion of infographics and video contents) are other added values of a platform that intends to promote the competences and resources of the University.

The first step…

The launch of the new official website of the U.Porto is also the first step of a strategy that, in a later stage, foresees the reformulation of the websites of the 14 faculties of the institution.

“As a university at the forefront of higher education worldwide, we can only gain by affirming a coherent identity. And that also includes the way in which we present ourselves to those who look for us”, says Ana Camanho, leaving the invitation: “visit the new site, explore it and give us your feedback so that we can improve in the future”.

Those who accept the challenge may send their criticisms and suggestions through the e-mails [email protected] ou [email protected].