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Christine Mayr | i3S Library Talks | Ep 11

Quarta-feira, 10 de Julho, 2019  |  0 Comentários

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João Matos | i3S Library Talks | Ep 10

Quarta-feira, 3 de Julho, 2019  |  0 Comentários

The name gives him away right off the bat. João Matos is a Portuguese scientist who hails from Guimarães, but has been out of the country for quite some time now. Continuar a ler »

Luca Magnani | i3S Library Talks | Ep 9

Quarta-feira, 26 de Junho, 2019  |  0 Comentários

Luca Magnani certainly stands out. Like all our previous guests, he’s passionate about what he does, but it’s his laid-back energy and multiple interests well beyond samples and microscope slides that render such a magnetic personality. Continuar a ler »

Matthew Martin | i3S Library Talks | Ep 8

Quarta-feira, 19 de Junho, 2019  |  0 Comentários

It’s a question that crosses every scientists’ minds once in a while: should I quit the lab and surrender to big pharma? It is certainly a huge decision as lab and industry entail different motivations, dynamics and rhythm. Continuar a ler »

Dimitris Liakopoulos | i3S Library Talks | Ep 7

Quarta-feira, 12 de Junho, 2019  |  0 Comentários

How do polarized cells correctly position the mitotic spindle at a given moment? That’s the question guiding Dimitris Liakopoulos in his work. Continuar a ler »

Stephen Richardson | i3S Library Talks | Ep 6

Quarta-feira, 5 de Junho, 2019  |  0 Comentários

Stephen Richardson’s work addresses tissue engineering. Just like in “regular” engineering, he aspires to come up with ingenious solutions to solve defects and malfunctions. Continuar a ler »

Sarah McClelland | i3S Library Talks | Ep 5

Quarta-feira, 29 de Maio, 2019  |  0 Comentários

Sarah MacClelland is a molecular oncology expert who studies the mechanisms leading to chromosome instability, a big hindrance to prognosis accuracy and treatment efficiency in ovarian cancer, her specific field of research. Continuar a ler »

Moustapha Kassem | i3S Library Talks | Ep 4

Quarta-feira, 22 de Maio, 2019  |  Comentários fechados em Moustapha Kassem | i3S Library Talks | Ep 4

Moustapha Kassem is a doctor at heart. As such, he is a researcher attuned to the increasing clinical needs, which prompts him to readily take on the challenges in the lab thinking how the outputs could benefit patients. Continuar a ler »

Kent Søe | i3S Library Talks | Ep 3

Quarta-feira, 15 de Maio, 2019  |  Comentários fechados em Kent Søe | i3S Library Talks | Ep 3

The root of the word “osteoclast” may give you a hint of Kent Søe’s scientific interest: bones. Continuar a ler »

Ivo Gomperts Boneca | i3S Library Talks | Ep 2

Quarta-feira, 8 de Maio, 2019  |  Comentários fechados em Ivo Gomperts Boneca | i3S Library Talks | Ep 2

Ivo Boneca heads a research group devoted to the biology and genetics of the cell wall. Continuar a ler »

Nate Goehring | i3S Library Talks | Ep 1

Quinta-feira, 29 de Novembro, 2018  |  Comentários fechados em Nate Goehring | i3S Library Talks | Ep 1

The guest in the first episode of the “i3S Library Talks” is Nate Goehring, whose work is focused on understanding the polarity mechanisms regulating cell division from the get-go, i.e., the embryo’s very first cell division. Continuar a ler »

CINTESIS testa nova estratégia de desinfeção nos hospitais

Terça-feira, 18 de Setembro, 2018  |  0 Comentários

O projeto H2O2/Ag+ impact in HAI será implementado e testado na Unidade de Queimados do Hospital de São João, no Porto. Continuar a ler »