The Royal Academy is a visionary initiative of His Majesty The King of Bhutan that recognizes the critical role of education in enriching the lives of people and society; nurturing successive generations of leaders; narrowing emerging economic and social disparities; and building a strong, secure and prosperous nation.

Comprising an Education Research Centre, a Teacher Development Centre and a coeducational residential School (Grades VII to XII at full capacity), The Royal Academy is guided by a philosophy that focuses on the holistic development of individuals. The aim is to help them to actualise their innate potential across all areas of development – cerebral, physical, social, emotional and spiritual – and, in the process, enabling them to become exceptional leaders and good human beings.

The Royal Academy is adding to its team Senior Researchers who will be responsible for developing and evolving a unique curriculum for students, a design and framework for assessing their learning and a system for validating the assessment process along with programmes and activities for the professional development of teachers. Furthermore, we are strengthening our team of Teachers who will be responsible for planning, organising, and delivering instructional programmes in their area of expertise to support the development of students. They will also be responsible for undertaking research, and/or teacher development, and pastoral activities to support achievement of the Academy’s vision and philosophy.

Further information about the vacancies and the application process as well as access to the Stage I Application Form can be viewed by clicking on the following link: