This workshop is a unique forum bringing together some of the top worldwide experts to openly discuss current state-of-the-art research results and open challenging issues arising in the areas of Nonlinear Analysis and in Optimization and related topics in other scientific fields.

Applications in Science and Engineering will also be addressed.

The talks schedule and the social programme are designed to maximize the opportunities for networking among researchers from many parts of the world, and the friendly and relaxed atmosphere will promote highly efficient interactions for new research cooperation activities. Doctoral students and other young researchers in Applied Mathematics will find an exceptional milieu to complement their education since most sessions will easily double as those of an Advanced School.

The access to the workshop sessions are free of charge to students and young researchers.

The presence of the Rectors of Porto University and of RUDN University and the Vice-Rector for Research of Porto University in this workshop will open up perspectives of formalization of stronger academic relations with the institutions of the participants. In particular, measures to stimulate and support students and researchers exchange will be at the top of the agenda.

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