Two Training Units involving teachers and researchers from the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences (FPCEUP) were awarded with the University of Porto ‘Pedagogical Innovation’ Quality Seal (“InovPed Seal”).

The Training Unit ICE – Internationalization in School Context was one of the winners. Developed in the framework of DITE (Diverse Internationalization of Teacher Education) project – and part of the line-up of the Service for Continuing Education (SEC) at FPCEUP- this Unit brought together 30 Master’s Degree students in Teaching from all Organic Tnits where teachers get trained. Henrique Vaz and Thiago Freires, members of the Center for Educational Research and Intervention (CIIE) at FPCEUP, were part of the team of trainers, along with Clara Vasconcelos (FCUP), Maria João Couto (FLUP), Paula Queirós (FADEUP), Paula Silva (FADEUP ), Rosa Tomás Ferreira (FCUP), Sónia Rodrigues (FLUP). DITE is a project that gathers 5 universities from Europe; nationally coordinated by Professor and CIIE member Fátima Pereira.

The second awarded Training Unit was Artistic Education, Technology and Society, whose pedagogical team included teachers Pedro Ferreira (FPCEUP), Tiago Assis (FBAUP) and Ademar Aguiar (FEUP). Advocating the development of collaborative work, this Unit crosses different disciplinary areas (Computer Engineering, Design and Education), while promoting the technological dimension beyond its operational nature, turning it into an object of criticism and reflection.

The Pedagogical Innovation Quality Aeal (“InovPed Seal”) highlights a Training Unit, already created or to be created, duly accredited in the framework of Continuing Education at the University of Porto. It promotes an interdisciplinarity approach and the development of transversal skills between faculties, teachers and researchers from different fields.

In addition to the two FPCEUP units, four other Training Units from the University of Porto were award the InovPed Seal 2024.