Given the challenges and the opportunities that arise from the current concepts of Emotional Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence, the FPCEUP and the Porto Executive Academy (PEA) hosted, on June 6-7, the event Emotional Intelligence vs. Artificial Intelligence: Challenges and Opportunities for Education and Work.


Co-organise by Professor Luísa Faria (FPCEUP) and Professor Florbela Silva (Porto Executive Academy), this event brought together national and international academics and experts to explore the potential of these two types of intelligence and also reflect on their inevitable impact on educational and working contexts.

John Pellitt (USA) and Chris Skinner (Australia) were two of the international academics attending the event, which also welcomed national experts in these areas and the newly appointed State Secretary for Administration and Educational Innovation Pedro Dantas da Cunha.

The quick development of Artificial Intelligence is having a revolutionary societal impact in several areas, at an accelerated pace, raising questions about the future of Humanity and ways of life. This is a constantly evolving topic that will continue be under the limelight in the media and in the academic world in the forthcoming years.