The Centre for Psychology at University of Porto (CPUP), one of the research centres which is part of the organic structure of FPCEUP, was present at the Science 2024 event, which is taking place these days at the Alfândega do Porto Congress Centre.

Between debates and plenary sessions on the most diverse fields of science, CPUP’s professors and researchers, led by Professor Paula Mena Matos, were able to publicly share the work and projects undertaken by the Centre in the framework of its five major areas of intervention: 1) Culture, Normativity and Diversity; 2) Development and Education; 3) Sexuality and Gender; 4) Mind, Body and Brain; and 5) Relationships, Change Processes and Well-being.

In order to disseminate scientific knowledge among the academic community and throughout civil society, CPUP’s projects carried out in recent years are accessible on the center’s portal, in the Science & Society section.

Also on June 4, CPUP researchers Helena Carvalho and Inês Rothes participated in the panel “Right to the mental health? Intersectoral Interventions, Researchers and work policies”, moderated by CPUP member Sandra Torres. The panel also included researchers from ProChild Colav and from the Center for Social Studies from the University of Coimbra.

Under the motto “+Science for One Health and global well-being”, Science 2024, which comes to and end this Friday, aimed to disseminate and to enhance today’s science for the Future of health and global well-being.