The School of Economics and Management of the University of Porto (FEP) has just established an innovative partnership with Microsoft, through the launch of the “Artificial Intelligence For Economics and Management” programme.

Through this agreement, the approximately 3200 FEP students will be able to explore and test the latest artificial intelligence and data analysis tools in several curricular units.

“We are bringing to the FEP academic community the opportunities generated by the latest technological advances. Training in artificial intelligence will certainly allow us to create data-based strategies and tools that promote the creation of sustainable value for organisations “, highlights the Dean of FEP, Óscar Afonso.

The partnership now signed provides students with content prepared by Microsoft and INSEAD, through several editions of a non-technical course, which focuses on the state of the art of artificial intelligence and ensures the necessary preparation to face the challenges of the artificial intelligence era.

In addition, innovation in the classroom will be enhanced, as Faculty lecturers will also have access to Microsoft Learn modules and learning pathways, and will be able to explore and test the learning opportunities available to them.

“Training companies and their future managers in innovative technology, such as artificial intelligence, will be a relevant factor of competitiveness in an increasingly digital world. This FEP initiative represents a strategic bet in this area, which we believe is fundamental for the leaders of the future , highlights Manuel Dias, NTO of Microsoft Portugal.

With this partnership, FEP students will have the most advanced technology at their fingertips, which will certainly inspire innovation and the development of soft skills.

“FEP takes an important step towards empowering today’s and tomorrow’s leaders to use Artificial Intelligence focused on strategy, company culture and the ethical use of data”, concludes FEP Professor Nuno Moutinho, who has just been appointed coordinator of the School’s pedagogical innovation.