The School of Economics and Management of the University of Porto (FEP) and StartUp BUZZ, a student organisation based at the School, are promoting next Thursday, April 20th, BUZZ Impulse, an innovative project in the national university panorama, dedicated to entrepreneurship.

Divided into three major moments – Conference, Fair and Pitch – the event will allow participants to contact, in a single day, the various agents that make up this ecosystem: startups and scale-ups at different stages of development, entrepreneurs who have experienced success and failure throughout their professional lives, venture capitalists who will bring a differentiating vision of the investment world and many other personalities.

The event starts at 9am, with the Conference “The Venture Capital Industry in Portugal, on the way to maturity?” that intends to address topics such as investment strategies, market trends and investment opportunities in startups, innovative businesses and in established companies.

“Speakers are expected to share their opinion and vision on the rules of capital allocation, business models, asset management, as well as the expectations of return on investment, taking into account the current economic context, as well as the expectations for the sector,” highlights FEP Professor Miguel Sousa, who, along with Professor Pedro Pinheiro, leads the organization of the conference.

The conference opening will be in charge of FEP’s Dean, Óscar Afonso, and of the President of the Portuguese Venture Capital Association, Luís Santos Carvalho, counting with different experts distributed by three panels (full program and speakers available here).

In parallel with the conference and until 4pm, the entrepreneurship fair will take place in the main hall of the School, with the presence of 14 startups and incubators, thus creating an environment conducive to sharing projects, values and future ambitions.

“With this initiative, we intend to add value to the society in which we are inserted and show all the agents that make the world of entrepreneurship work. Furthermore, we intend, in a dynamic way, to develop the participants’ knowledge and provide them with tools that otherwise would not be within their reach,” highlights StartUp BUZZ.

The event ends with a pitch of business ideas in their embryonic phase (taking place between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m.), which were worked on during the Buzz sessions and will be presented to a jury panel made up of potential investors invited by StartUp BUZZ.

Aimed at the whole community, Buzz Impulse is particularly interesting for students and enthusiasts for the world of entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as finance.

About StartUp BUZZ

StartUp BUZZ is a student organization based at FEP dedicated to promote entrepreneurship and inspire young people to adopt a bold attitude towards a world full of opportunities.

With 11 years of existence, StartUp BUZZ is the first university-based pre-accelerator of startups, existing with the goal of helping entrepreneurs to boost their ideas in embryonic stage and transform them into real business opportunities.