Two of the four articles distinguished by the Office of Strategy and Studies (GEE) of the Ministry of Economy and Sea and by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) under the 10th edition of the Calls for Papers on “Impact of Science on Economy and Society in Portugal” are from FEP.

Inês Ferraz Teixeira, who holds a Master in Management, and Professors Aurora Teixeira and Luís Delfim Santos are the authors of one of the distinguished articles, with the theme “R&D subsidies and Portuguese firms’ performance: A longitudinal firm-level study”.

Tânia Pinto, who holds a PhD in Economics, and Professor Aurora Teixeira, are the authors of the second distinguished article, entitled “Does scientific research output matter for Portugal’s economic growth?”.

The prizes were awarded on 6 July, during the Ciência 2023 – Meeting with Science and Technology in Portugal.